Truthall Halt Reconstruction

Sithney Parish asks for Truthall Halt to be built – well, yes it did in 1905! From the Sithney Parish Council Minutes March 1905.

"It was moved from the chair that this Council petition the G. W. Railway Co. to construct a Halt between Helston and Nancegollan stations to enable the inhabitants of the following hamlets to have the benefit of the new Rail-motors, about to be inaugurated on this Branch: Tregathenan, Trannack, Prospidnick, Truthall, Gwavas, Sithney Green, Coverack Bridges etc.

The distance between Helston and Nancegollan stations is about 4 miles, and there is no doubt that this Halt will be a great convenience to the inhabitants of the north of the parish, as well as a source of profit for the Company."

The photo is from Chris Heaps book "The Helston Railway" (available on our website) and shows the new Rail-motor in Praze station in about 1911. Photo from the John Alsop collection.