Training and Support for the Job Centre Team

As part of our project to support the local community we have a steady stream of people sent to us by the Helston Job Centre to gain work experience and receive training in working at the railway.

Some join us for a few weeks as they search for a new job - others stay with us for many months.

It is this latter group that we are seeking to help by providing some training and skills that will be of value to them in the wider community and help them find jobs.

Strimming and Strimming Kit - Funding Project

Strimming grass and undergrowth requires considerable skill and knowledge - especially of health and safely as the equipment can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

There is also plenty of work for people with these skills in both local government and commercial sectors.

We can provide instruction in safe use, basic maintenance checks,  correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and what hazards to look for, as well as the additional "in house" training for working alongside a "live" railway line and working with the safety measures required in that environment - all transferable skills.

Strimmers - we need 2 strimmers of a good commercial quality to initiate the project.

Also harnesses and safety equipment.

Estimated cost is £500 for the 2 strimmers and £100 for harnesses, helmets etc.

TOTAL - £600

If you are able to help us with funding this project please click the following button -

project fully funded

This project is now fully funded thanks to very generous donations from Helston Town Council (£500) and from Portreath Garden Machinery  (Strimmers).