Juniors - Trip to Telford

Telford Steam Railway

Telford Steam Railway have been following our work with Juniors on our Facebook page and would like to set up a  similar scheme at their heritage railway.  

Following lengthy conversation a trip was organized so  they could meet some of our young people, and have a conversation with them about what they have been doing and learn from their experiences, as well as meet some of volunteers who run the Junior Days. 

This was a very successful trip, and our youngsters demonstrated a good knowledge (as always!) and were great ambassadors for the Helston Railway.

Follow this link to visit the Telford Steam Railway web site - Click here

Part funded by the George Bairstow Charitable Trust donation.

For the young people, trips such as this, and the Launceston one earlier in October, provide an opportunity to see other railways, how they operate and run, what they offer, and a general broadening of horizons and the chance to meet other volunteers at other railways.

We are delighted to be able to provide these trips as part of the generous donation made by the Trustees of the George Bairstow Charitable Trust earlier this year.  For details of their donation - click here.