Juniors Day - Tuesday 30 May 2017 - 9 am to 3 pm

Hard at work - good turnout for the Juniors Day despite quite a few doing GCSE revisions.

A posting on Facebook - thanks for the feed-back - from Harvey Skinner - "Great to see that you are able to inspire young people to do this sort of thing. Who knows, they could go on to work in the rail industry or another branch of engineering. Also practical life skills which do not involve spending huge amounts of time in front of a screen!"

And some strimmers in early June - as part of developing the young people and their understanding of the operational railway, we had Josh and Matt join the crew who were strimming the lineside. They were shadowing the "look outs" to ensure the safety of the cutting crew and put some of their training into practice! All part of our developing "Juniors" section and educating our young volunteers!