Helston Council Grants the Railway £750 for "Steam Comes to Helston"

Following our application for a grant for £1,500 towards the cost of the "Steam Comes to Helston" project and the Town Council meeting on 15 September where we made a short presentation, the Deputy Town Clerk has called to inform us that we have been granted £750.  

Considering there is only £4,000 being allocated in this round of funding - and that there were 7 applications for grants, being allocated this amount is excellent news and reflects the high regard the Councillors have for our project.

Key elements in their decision were - 

  • The incremental economic benefit that will come to the town as a result of the arrival of a steam engine.
  • The Council recognise that their financial support of the Railway will help with our application for funding from other sources such as the Heritage Lottery who look for an endorsement from the local community.

Formal notification of the decision will be received in writing shortly.