Diesel Multiple Units

We are in the process of acquiring two Class 127, Driving Motor Brake Second, power car units (see picture below), at a very reasonable price, equivalent to their scrap value.

These power car units were part of a four-car unit built at Derby in 1959 for British Rail and are in relatively good condition. With some work by our volunteers, they are serviceable as carriages and we could use them for trips down the line with both our steam engines and diesel shunters.

They are each powered by two Rolls Royce engines and it should be possible to make them operational giving the railway the additional flexibility of providing trips up and down the line by Diesel Rail Car or steam hauled trains.

Funding appeal – can you help

The cost of the project including purchase of the units, transport (they are currently in Leicestershire) and refurbishment is in the region of £30,000.

If you are able to help fund the complete project, or make a contribution towards part of it, it will be of tremendous help.

We could also discuss naming rights – if you could fund one of the units then it should be possible to have your name on the unit.

All the restoration work will be carried out by our volunteers. In addition, we have a very active Community Support Program that engages with local young people and the unemployed to enable them to develop engineering skills in a working environment. They will also be participating in the restoration work.

DMU cropped.jpg